We are a small italian homebrew studio, focused on the development of retro-inspired videogames.
The team's name explains the sort-of-fragmentary nature of the studio, given that its members live in different places of the world and coordinate all the work using online platforms (not a novelty anymore, we know it).
Anyway, our first game, "Waimanu Daring Slides" (aka Waimanu DS), a puzzle-action game for the Nintendo DS was released in 2011. A couple of years later we ported the game to the Gameboy Advance platform, naming the effort "Waimanu Grinding Blocks Adventure" (aka Waimanu GBA - yes, we have a thing with console acronyms).
Both games were mentioned and reviewed on numerous retrogaming websites and magazines (have a look at the press section) and both took part in online homebrew contests, always taking home some nice award.
These days the studio is working on a number of projects whose fate is still yet to be determined, though we hope that (at least) some of them will see the light very soon (fingers crossed... and check back soon).

If you want to get in touch with us, please use the following contact information :

email : disjointedstudio@gmail.com
twitter : @disjointedstd

Oh, and if you really appreciate our work, you can donate here



Game design. Also sound effects and some music, lately.


The Coder. Helps with a whole lot of different things too (too many to mention)
blog : http://adshomebrewersdiary.blogspot.com/


Graphics, animation, original artwork, website artwork.
blog : http://holyhellgba.blogspot.com/


Music maestro, composed the soundtrack of all games in the Waimanu series.